Grainger Stadium

Park Name: Grainger Stadium

Tenants: Down East Wood Ducks (Carolina League)

Opened: 1949

Address: 400 East Grainger Avenue, Kinston, North Carolina 28502

Dimensions: 335' (L), 395' (C), 335' (R)

Former Tenants:

Kinston Eagles (Coastal Plain League) 1949-1952

Kinston Eagles (Carolina League) 1956-1957, 1962-1973

Kinston Expos (Carolina League) 1974

Kinston Eagles (Carolina League) 1978-1981

Kinston Blue Jays (Carolina League) 1982-1985

Kinston Eagles (Carolina League) 1986

Kinston Indians (Carolina League) 1987-2011

Down East Wood Ducks (Carolina League) 2017-2019

Down East Wood Ducks (Low-A East) 2021

The view from behind home plate at Grainger Stadium.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Grainger Stadium, as seen from the right field corner.

The pressbox sits at the top of the covered grandstand behind home plate.

The grandstand features literal box seats at the front of the seating area, with folding chairs in each box.

The classic covered grandstand at Grainger Stadium features rooftop light standards.

Bleacher seating runs down the left field line.

Two rows of seating and a small grass berm run the length of the right field line.

An open area at the top of the berm features picnic tables and a children's play area.

More picnic tables, food trucks and an area for cornhole sit behind the grandstand.

Plaques along the concourse provide facts about wood ducks.

Wood duck themed restroom signs designate rooms for "Drakes" and "Hens".

The home bullpen and batting cages sit out of play in the left field corner. A water tower behind the ballpark is adorned with a Wood Ducks logo.

The field features a wide, squared-off, backstop behind home plate.

The outfield fence increases in height by steps as it wraps around from right field to left.

The scoreboard sits beyond the right field wall.

The Down East Wood Ducks on the field during a game at Grainger Stadium.