Hinchliffe Stadium

Park Name: Hinchliffe Stadium

Tenants: New Jersey Jackals (Frontier League)

Opened: 1932

Address: Liberty Street and Maple Street, Paterson, New Jersey 07522

Dimensions: 320' (L), 385' (C), 327' (R)

Former Tenants: 

New York Black Yankees (Negro National League) 1933-1937

New York Cubans (Negro National League) 1936

New York Black Yankees (Negro National League) 1939-1945

The view from behind home plate at Hinchliffe Stadium

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Hinchliffe Stadium, as seen from center field.

A multi-purpose field, all seating at Hinchliffe Stadium is on aluminum bleachers that ring the field in a horseshoe. Small second levels of seating sit in the corners of the bowl behind home plate and in right field.

The press box is located at the top of the stands down the third base line, more ideally situated for the stadium's football setup than for baseball.

The unique setup of the baseball field in the multipurpose stadium leads to a large area out of play on the first base side. The Jackals set up a VIP seating area here at field level behind a temporary fence.

A batting cage and children's inflatable also sit on the running track in the area behind the first base dugout.

A parking garage stands behind the third base stands and fans can watch the game from outside the park in front of the garage.

The concourse runs along the top of the main seating bowl, with concession stands built into the wall on the first base side.

Relief art decorates the walls inside and outside of Hinchliffe Stadium.

A plaque on the concourse celebrates the stadium's status as a National Historic Landmark and its history of hosting Negro Leagues Baseball.

The dugouts are temporary on-field structures.

The stands wrap all the way around to center field. The right field wall is a tall net, with support poles located in play on the turf-covered track.

The right field net wall gets shorter as it moves further into center field. Residential homes stand behind the outfield stands.

A temporary fence closes off the open end of the horseshoe and acts as the left field wall, forming a sharp corner where it meets the stands in center field.

A building at the end of the stands is set to hold a museum celebrating the history of the stadium and its tenants.

Hinchliffe Stadium is located within Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park and the cliffs of the falls are visible over the left field wall.

The scoreboard stands behind the left field fence. Downtown Paterson is visible beyond it. 

The New Jersey Jackals on the field during the first professional baseball game at the renovated Hinchliffe Stadium in over 70 years.