Segra Park

Park Name: Segra Park

Tenants: Columbia Fireflies (Carolina League)

Opened: 2016

Address: 1600 Freed Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Dimensions: 319' (L), 400' (C), 330' (R)

Former Names:

Spirit Communications Park (2016-2018)

Former Tenants:

Columbia Fireflies (South Atlantic League) 2016-2019

Columbia Fireflies (Low-A East) 2021

The view from behind home plate at Segra Park.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Segra Park, as seen from the right field corner.

The pressbox, on the second deck, sits off to the first base side, rather than being directly behind home plate.

A large open party deck sits on the second deck on the third base side of the park.

An expansive terraced picnic are wraps around the left field corner of the grandstand.

More picnic tables wrap around the right field foul pole, with four top table seating at the top of the seating bowl.

"Scout Seats" behind home plate feature wide countertop rails in front of the seats and in-seat concession delivery.

Segra Park features padded seating in the rows closest to the field behind home plate, and no real backstop, just netting. The first row is actually below field level.

Open-air suits run along the concourse behind home plate.

Terraced berms and an outfield bar overlook the field from behind the center field wall.

Adirondack chairs run along the top of the center field berm.

A small outfield "bleacher" seating section sits in the left field corner.

A recreation area along the outfield concourse features picnic table, cornhole, and a giant beer pong setup.

The main concourse at Segra Park is open to the public on non-game days for fans to walk around in, and signage on the ground shows people how far they have walked.

The park was built on the site of a former mental hospital in Columbia and former hospital campus buildings are visible beyond the right field corner.

Office buildings were build on the site at the same time as the ballpark, with doors and windows that open up into the park.

A conference room is located on the concourse and can be rented out for non baseball events.

The Mason Jar team store features neon LED signs that light up like a swarm of fireflies.

Plaques along the outfield concourse celebrate the history of baseball in South Carolina's capital city.

The outfield wall features several sharp corners and unique angles.

The large video scoreboard sits on the concourse above the center field berm.

The Columbia Fireflies on the field during a game at Segra Park.