Morgan Field

Park Name: Morgan Field

Tenants: Blackwell FlyCatchers (Pecos League)

Opened: 1940's

Address: 800 South Main Street, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631

Dimensions: 311' (L), 340' (C), 310' (R)

Former Tenants: 

Blackwell Cubs (Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League) 1952

Blackwell Broncos (Western Association) 1954

The view from behind home plate at Morgan Field.

The view from down the first base line. The park features grass baselines to and from home plate.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Morgan Field, as seen from behind the outfield fence.

The press box sits at the top of the grandstand, slightly down the third base line.

Most of the seating in the park is on aluminum bleachers on concrete risers.

The bottom of the seating bowl features box seating areas where fans can bring their own chairs.

An arched entrance ramp through the grandstand.

An old locker room underneath the grandstand.

The old woman's restroom and signage. None of the facilities under the grandstand are currently being used.

A newer maroon building beside the grandstand now houses the restrooms and ticket window.

A concession stand and clubhouse are located in the rear of the new building.

The dugouts are field-level brick structures located well down the baselines. 

Bullpens and batting cages are located behind the visitor's dugout on the first base side of the park.

The outfield fence. It makes a sharp corner in right-center field.

The small scoreboard sits behind the right field fence.

The Blackwell FlyCatchers on the field during their first  game at Morgan Field.