Monongalia County Ballpark

Park Name: Monongalia County Ballpark


West Virginia Black Bears (MLB Draft League)

West Virginia University Mountaineers (NCAA Division I- Big 12 Conference)

Opened: 2015

Address: 2040 Gyorko Drive, Granville, West Virginia 26534

Dimensions: 325' (L), 400' (C), 325' (R)

Former Tenants:

West Virginia Black Bears (NY-Penn League) 2015-2019

The view from behind the grandstand at Monongalia County Ballpark.

The view from behind home plate.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Monongalia County Ballpark, as seen from the right field corner.

The pressbox and luxury suites on the second deck behind home plate.

All seating at the ballpark is in molded plastic seats snapped onto metal bleachers. Seating behind home plate has arm rests, while sections further down the line do not.

Table seating overlooks the field from a concourse high above the first base line.

An elevated party deck and enclosed club area overlooks the playing field, home bullpen, and batting cages from behind the right field fence.

The outfield concourse features picnic tables, benches and other areas for fans to stop and take in the game from.

Black Bear paw prints lead fans along the concourses at Monongalia County Ballpark.

The park was designed to have grass berms for fans on either side of the seating bowl, but the steep hills of WV mean they are currently too step for fans to use safely.

Monongalia County Ballpark is built into a hillside, and overlooks the city of Morgantown, West Virginia University and the WV mountains.

The playing surface is entirely artificial, and features the "Flying WV" logo of West Virginia University in center field, as the park is also home to WVU Baseball.

The clubhouse is located underneath the concourse and players enter the field from doors beside the right field foul pole.

The visitor's bullpen looks out onto the field from behind the left field wall. The batter's eye in center field is made from small evergreen trees.

The outfield wall makes a wide curve in left field foul territory, creating a uniquely shaped foul area.

The outfield fence is fairly uniform until left field where it gets dramatically taller for a short burst where the ticket office building backs up to the fence and then increases sharply again in the left field corner.

The scoreboard sits behind the left center field wall.

The West Virginia Black Bears on the field during a game at Monongalia County Ballpark.