Bush Field

Park Name: George H.W. Bush '48 Field

Tenants: Yale Bulldogs (NCAA Division I- Ivy League Conference)

Opened: 1885

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1927

Address: 252 Derby Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut 06516

Dimensions: 330' (L), 405' (C), 315' (R)

Former Names:

Yale Field (1885-2021)

Former Tenants:

New Haven Ravens (Eastern League) 1994-2003

New Haven County Cutters (Can-Am League) 2004-2007

The view from behind home plate at Bush Field.

The view from down the first base line. There are no dirt base paths down the lines, just the chalk line on grass.

The view from down the third base line. The visiting bullpen sits in the right field foul territory.

The grandstand at George H.W. Bush Field, as seen from the right field pavilion.

The pressbox and a pair of spartan "luxury boxes" at the top of the grandstand behind home plate.

The seating bowl features four different types of seats. Fold-down box seats behind home plate, green bucket seats down the lines, aluminum bleachers higher up, and one row of wooden seats.

The grandstand was renovated before the professional Ravens moved into the park in 1994, replacing most of the seating, but the final row of seats remains as the original wooden ones from 1927.

College baseball in New England occasionally means games are played with snow still in some of the seats.

The fold-down chairs in the box seating area feature unique food and drink trays.

Wooden bandbox/group seating boxes overlook the field from the end of the third base side of the grandstand.

A tiered party pavilion with picnic table seating sits in the right field corner of the field.

A small picnic area juts out into the field in right field, surrounded by a short fence, and creating some sharp angles in the otherwise uniform outfield.

The concrete arches of the grandstand, as seen from outside the park.

The small, cramped concourse underneath the seating bowl.

Plaques along the concourse wall celebrate those who have played at Bush Field, from former presidents to big league legends.

A poster on the concourse honored former New Haven Ravens that made the major leagues. It was covered up when the Ravens moved out, but has since been uncovered.

The clubhouse and home bullpen in the left field corner of the field.

The scoreboard and outfield wall. The fence is chain-link, with shrubbery behind it, and the manual line scoreboard is built into the batter's eye.

Like many old parks, the field features lots of foul territory, especially behind home plate.

The Yale Bulldogs on the field during an NCAA Ivy League game at Bush Field.