TVA Credit Union Ballpark

Park Name: Howard Johnson Field at TVA Credit Union Ballpark

Tenants: Johnson City Doughboys (Appalachian League)

Opened: 1923

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1956, 1994

Address: 111 Legion Street, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Dimensions: 325' (L), 430' (C), 320' (R)

Former Names:

Keystone Park (1923-1960)

Cardinal Park (1975-2015)

Former Tenants:

Johnson City Soldiers (Appalachian League) 1923-1938

Johnson City Cardinals (Appalachian League) 1939-1955

Johnson City Phillies (Appalachian League) 1957-1960

Johnson City Cardinals (Appalachian League) 1961

Johnson City Yankees (Appalachian League) 1964-1974

Johnson City Cardinals (Appalachian League) 1975-2019

The view from behind home plate at Howard Johnson Field.

The view from down the first base line. The tall advertisement in front of the trees is part of the fence, and a batter has to clear the entire ad to get a home run.

The view from down the third base line. The clubhouse sits next to the outfield fence.

The covered grandstand at TVA Credit Union Ballpark.

The pressbox straddles the main entrance to the seating bowl, with aluminum bleachers on either side.

Additional bleacher sections sit on either side of the main covered grandstand.

A few rows of reserved seats wrap around the short backstop in front of the grandstand.

A covered party pavilion sits in the left field corner.

The field comes almost to a point in center field at a deep 430 feet, making the playing field resemble a diamond shape. A plaque to the right of center field celebrates Johnson City's long history of Appalachian League pennants.

The Johnson City Cardinals on the field at sunset during a game at TVA Credit Union Ballpark.