Cardines Field

Park Name: Bernardo Cardines Memorial Field

Tenants: Newport Gulls (New England Collegiate Baseball League)

Opened: 1908

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1936

Address: 20 America's Cup Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island 02840

Dimensions: 315' (L), 395' (C), 285' (R)

Former Tenants:

Newport Collegiate Baseball League (All Teams) 2020

The view from behind home plate at Cardines Field.

The grandstand at Cardines Field. The wooden grandstand behind the plate dates to 1936. There's a wooden bleacher section on the right and a stone bleacher section on the left.

The view from down the first line as the fog rolls in of Narragansett Bay, across the street from the park.

The view from down the third base line. A second section of covered grandstand sits down the first base line.

The ticket window at Cardines Field.

The concourse outside the ballpark, with a stone wall separating it from the street.

The picnic area behind the grandstand has a real neighborhood barbeque feel to it.

The small covered seating section down the first base line.

The pressbox in the tiny home plate grandstand.

The stone seating area down the third base line.

One of the Cardines field gates, leading from the street straight into the ballpark.

The field is built into a neighborhood, and has to work around the houses in the area. This leads to extreme variations and angles in the outfield fencing. In right, a bush grows in through the chain-link fence, threatening to swallow a ball.

The fences are 20ft high all around, to protect the houses and yards it borders, and is chain-link, to allow the residents to watch the game from home.

The Newport Gulls on the field at Cardines Field. The field has been home of the amateur Sunset League since 1919, the oldest amateur league in the US.