Yankee Stadium

Park Name: Yankee Stadium

Tenants: New York Yankees (American League)

Opened: 2009

Address: East 161st and River Ave, Bronx, New York 10451

Dimensions: 318' (L), 408' (C), 314' (R)

The Great Hall inside Yankee Stadium, an open-air concourse lined with banners of past Yankee greats.

The view from behind home plate.

The press box, and a banner celebrating the Yankees' record 27 World Series titles.

The scoreboard in center field, and the sports bar, with tinted windows to act as the batter's eye.

The grandstand at Yankee Stadium, as seen from Monument Park in center field.

The view from down the third base line.

The view of the infield at Yankee Stadium, as seen from the upper deck.

The view from the bleachers in left field.

The visiting bullpen at Yankee Stadium.

The infamous Yankee Stadium bleachers, home of some of the most boisterous fans in baseball.

The right field corner. The upper deck overhangs the field, making it an inviting target for home runs.

The upper deck in right field, and the right field foul pole.

The iconic frieze runs around the entire roof of the stadium, topped by flags representing each major league team.

The view from behind the Yankee Stadium frieze.

Monument Park. The monuments to Yankee greats sit behind the centerfield wall. Originally, the stone monuments stood in the field of play at the old Yankee Stadium.

Retired numbers and Yankee Hall of Fame plaques in Monument Park.

The "ball wall" in the Yankee Hall of Fame. The plan is for it to eventually hold signed baseballs from every living former Yankee, and as many deceased as possible.

Thurman Munson's locker at the Yankee Hall of Fame. The locker was untouched following the plane crash that took Munson's life, and was moved over from the original Yankee Stadium.

A model of Yankee Stadium in the Yankee Hall of Fame.