Stade Quillorama

Park Name: Stade Quillorama

Tenants: Trois-Rivieres Aigles (Frontier League)

Opened: 1938

Address: 1760 Avenue Giles-Villenueve, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, G9A5K8

Dimensions: 317' (L), 372' (C), 317' (R)

Former Names:

Stade Municipal (1938-2000)

Stade Fernand-Bedard (2001-2016)

Stade Stereo + (2017-2019)

Former Tenants:

Trois-Rivieres Renards (Quebec Provincial League) 1940

Trois-Rivieres Renards (Canadian-American League) 1941-1942

Trois-Rivieres Royals (Canadian-American League) 1946-1950

Trois-Rivieres Royals (Provincial League) 1951

Trois-Rivieres Yankees (Provincial League) 1952-1953

Trois-Rivieres Phillies (Provincial League) 1954-1955

Trois-Rivieres Aigles (Eastern League) 1971-1977

Trois-Rivieres Saints (Canadian Baseball League) 2003

Trois-Rivieres Aigles (Can-Am League) 2012-2019

The view from outside Stade Quillorama. The stadium is nearly architecturally identical to its sister ballpark in Quebec City.

The view from behind home plate at Stade Quillorama.

The view from down the first base line. An apartment building overlooks the field from behind the left field fence.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Stade Quillorama. Unlike its sister in Quebec City, the seating bowl here is completely fold-out seating.

The press box hangs above the seating area from the roof of the grandstand.

The first two rows of seating are separated from the rest of the grandstand by a wide concourse.

Plaques on the concourse under the grandstand celebrate the dedication of Stade Municipal in 1938 and Fernand Bedard, who the stadium was named for in 2001.

A party deck in the left field corner is a recent addition to the park and allows fans to watch the game from picnic tables.

The playing field features a large amount of foul territory behind home plate.

The dugouts at Stade Quillorama have peaked roofs, and the on-deck circles come complete with on-field water fountains.

The bullpen and batting cages in the right field corner.

The scoreboard and outfield at Stade Quillorama. The outfield wall is made of wooden slats, and makes a few sharp corners in left center field.

Les Aigles de Trois Rivieres on the field during a game at Le Stade Quillorama.