Dunn Field

Park Name: Edward Joseph Dunn Stadium

Tenants: Elmira Pioneers (Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League)

Opened: 1911

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1939

Address: 546 Luce Avenue, Elmira, New York 14904

Dimensions: 325' (L), 386' (C), 325' (R)

Former Names:

Recreation Park (1911-1924)

Former Tenants:

Elmira Red Jackets (New York-Penn League) 1923

Elmira Colonels (New York-Penn League) 1924-1931

Elmira Red Wings (New York-Penn League) 1932-1934

Elmira Pioneers (New York-Penn League) 1935-1936

Elmira Colonels (New York-Penn League) 1937

Elmira Pioneers (Eastern League) 1938-1955

Elmira Pioneers (New York- Penn League) 1957-1961

Elmira Pioneers (Eastern League) 1962-1970

Elmira Royals (Eastern League) 1971

Elmira Pioneers (Eastern League) 1972

Elmira Pioneers (New York-Penn League) 1973

Elmira Red Sox (New York-Penn League) 1974-1976

Elmira Pioneer-Red Sox (New York-Penn League) 1977

Elmira Red Sox (New York-Penn League) 1978

Elmira Pioneers (New York-Penn League) 1979-1980

Elmira Suns (New York-Penn League) 1981-1983

Elmira Pioneers (New York-Penn League) 1984-1995

Elmira Pioneers (Northeast League) 1996-1998

Elmira Pioneers (Northern League) 1999-2002

Elmira Pioneers (Northeast League) 2003-2004

Elmira Pioneers (Can-Am League) 2005

Elmira Pioneers (New York Collegiate Baseball League) 2006-2010

The view from behind home plate at Dunn Field.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Dunn Field, as seen from the left field corner. The press box is located on the stadium roof.

The large grandstand features wooden seats at the top of the stands, with plastic bucket seats closer to the field. A concesion stand/VIP suite sits at the top of the stands.

The last few rows of seating are plain wooden bleachers.

Seating boxes sit at field level at the base of the grandstand.

The concourse, underneath the grandstand, at Dunn Field.

The ballpark features a concession stand selling local Finger Lakes win, and a "kids area" that is just a small electronic ride.

The concourse walls feature photos of old Pioneers teams that have played in the park, as well as the team's various championship banners.

The Pioneers clubhouse sits beside the stands on the first base side, with batting cages behind it. Mountains and residential housing provide the backdrop for a game.

The visitor's clubhouse sits down the left field line.

A bust of Edward Joseph Dunn, namesake of Dunn Field, stands in front of the ballpark entrance.

The dugouts sit a field level and feature dirt walk-up paths to home plate.

The outfield wall is taller in left field.

The scoreboard stands behind the shorter right field wall.

The Elmira Pioneers on the field during a game at Dunn Field.