Alumni Field

Park Name: Stanley J. Stoklosa Alumni Field

In Use: 1902-2010

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1996

Address: Rte 38, Lowell, Massachusetts 01850

Former Names:

Spalding Park (1902-1916)

Former Tenants:

Lowell Tigers (New England League) 1902-1905

Lowell Grays (New England League) 1910-1915, 1919

Lowell Grays (Eastern League) 1916

Lowell Highwaymen (New England League) 1926

Lowell Millers (New England League) 1929

Lowell Orphans (New England League) 1947

Lowell Spinners (NY-Penn League) 1996-1997

Mill City All-Americans (New England Collegiate Baseball League) 2000-2006

Lowell All-Americans (New England Collegiate Baseball League) 2006-2010

The view from behind home plate at Alumni Field.

The view from down the first base line at Alumni Field. The vegetation in left field grows over the fence and into the field of play.

The outfield fence at Alumni Field. The field juts out in right field and then dramatically back in, forming a triangle in right and ending at a very short 272 ft at the foul pole.

The grandstand at Alumni Field. The playing field dates back to 1902 but the current aluminum grandstand was built in 1996 as the field prepared to host professional baseball for the first time in 50 years.

The Lowell All-Americans on the field at Alumni Field.