Jackson Field

Park Name: Jackson Field

Tenants: Lansing Lugnuts (Midwest League)

Opened: 1996

Address: 505 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48912

Dimensions: 305' (L), 412' (C), 305' (R)

Former Names:

Oldsmobile Park (1996-2010)

Cooley Law School Stadium (2011-2020)

Former Tenants:

Lansing Lugnuts (Midwest League) 1996-2019

Lemonade League (All Teams) 2020

Lansing Lugnuts (High-A Central) 2021

The view from behind home plate at Jackson Field.

The view from down the third base line. The park is framed by the streets of downtown Lansing.

The view from the first base stands.

The grandstand at Jackson Field as seen from center field.

The Lansing Lugnuts Hall of Fame honors former Lugnuts players on the wall of the concourse.

Table and chair seating sits in front of the main grandstand, giving groups an up close view of the playing field from beside the dugout.

The stadium pays homage to the area's auto making industry, including the naming of the concession stands like the "Chrome Plated Grille".

The park runs so close to the city's streets that the concourse and the sidewalk outside are one and the same, with a screen protecting passerbys from home run balls.

The field is set below street level, and features tall walls where the close streets squeeze the field dimensions to 305 in the corners.

The wall makes a sharp corner in left field, leaving no room for foul ground. The smokestack in the background features a giant lugnut on top.

The view from atop the tall wall in the right field corner.

The deck of a restaurant runs right up to the wall in center field, and along with the scoreboard, divides the outfield berm.

The wall makes a series of sharp corners in right center field.

The Lansing Lugnuts on the field during a game at Jackson Field.