Satow Stadium

Park Name: Hal Robertson Field at Philip Satow Stadium

Tenants: Columbia University Lions (NCAA Division I- Ivy League)

Grandstand Rebuilt: 2010

Address: 218th Street and Broadway, Manhattan, New York 10034

The view from behind home plate at Satow Stadium.

The view from down the first base line. The buildings beyond the outfield fence are actually across the river in the Bronx.

The view from down the third base line. The playing surface is entirely artificial turf.

The grandstand at Satow Stadium, as seen from the right field corner of the park.

The stadium is wedged in to a small area between several other parts of Columbia's athletic complex at the tip of the island of Manhattan. The small space leads to a very steep concrete seating bowl.

The pressbox sits behind the concourse at the top of the grandstand.

Satow Statium is located beside and below the athletic center parking lot and fans pull their cars up to the fence overlooking the first base side to tailgate during the game.

The football field and track push into foul territory on the third base side, so the stands don't wrap around past home plate.

Small sets of aluminum bleachers sit alongside the track overlooking the third base side of the ballpark.

The visitor's dugout sits underneath the track. A support pole for the backstop screen sits on the field in foul territory.

The outfield at Satow Stadium is hemmed in by the Harlem River leading to very unique dimensions where the shallowest field is in center and right field extends deep into the corner.

The scoreboard sits above the left center field fence.

The Columbia University Lions on the field at Robertson Field at Satow Stadium.