Calfee Park

Park Name: Motor Mile Field at Calfee Park

Tenants: Pulaski River Turtles (Appalachian League)

Opened: 1935

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1999

Address: 700 South Washington Avenue, Pulaski, Virginia 24301

Dimensions: 338' (L), 405' (C), 301' (R)

Former Tenants:

Pulaski Counts (Virginia League) 1942

Pulaski Counts (Appalachian League) 1946-1950

Pulaski Phillies (Appalachian League) 1952-1955, 1969-1977

Pulaski Cubs (Appalachian League) 1957-1958

Pulaski Braves (Appalachian League) 1982-1992

Pulaski Rangers (Appalachian League) 1997-2002

Pulaski Blue Jays (Appalachian League) 2003-2006

Pulaski Mariners (Appalachian League) 2007-2014

Pulaski Yankees (Appalachian League) 2015-2019

The view from behind home plate at Calfee Park.

The view from down the first base line, looking toward the main gate.

The view from down the third base line. The park is situated in a residential neighborhood, and residents can watch the game from their front yards.

The grandstands, clubhouse and pressbox, as seen from left field.

The original covered concrete grandstand, running down the third base line is all that remains of the original stadium structure.

The third base grandstand features no seats, so fans bring their own chairs.

The pressbox behind home plate, with several rows of seats in front of it, and bleacher sections off to each side.

A "skybox" picnic deck sits above the third base bleachers, letting fans watch the game from within the trees.

Open-air box seating sections down the first base line feature stadium seats and tables.

The visiting clubhouse sits behind the outfield wall.

The residential streets force the right field wall to a short distance of just over 300 feet, so the wall rises dramatically to 19 feet in that area.

The outfield wall is fairly uniform until it cuts in and rises in height after the scoreboard in right field.

The Pulaski Mariners on the field during a game at Calfee Park.