Copper King Stadium

Park Name: Copper King Stadium

In Use: 1913-2019

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1948

Address: 1745 Carmelita Avenue, Douglas, Arizona 85607

Former Names:

Douglas Field (1913-1947)

Douglas Stadium (1948)

Former Tenants:

Douglas Miners (Rio Grande Association) 1915

Douglas Blues (Copper League) 1925-1927

Bisbee-Douglas Yanks (Arizona-Texas League) 1947

Bisbee-Douglas Miners (Arizona-Texas League) 1948

Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (Arizona-Texas League) 1949-1950

Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (Southwest International League) 1951

Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (Arizona-Texas League) 1952-1954

Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (Arizona-Mexico League) 1955

Douglas Copper Kings (Arizona-Mexico League) 1956-1958

Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings (Arizona-Mexico League) 2003

Douglas Diablos (Pecos League) 2014

Mexican Baseball Fiesta (Exhibition Series) 2017-2019

The view from behind home plate at Copper King Stadium.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Copper King Stadium, as seen from the third base side of the park.

The seating bowl features long rows of aluminum bleachers covered by a roof.

Seating boxes run along the front of the grandstand and feature removable seating.

The "pressbox" at Copper King Stadium is just a table at the top of the grandstand.

A small section of bleachers runs down the first base line.

Another small section of bleachers sits on the third base side of the park.

Copper King Stadium sits next to a football stadium and small rows of bleachers sit underneath the football stands looking out toward the outfield.

The concourse runs behind the grandstand and features picnic tables seating.

The outfield wall, with the flags of the United States and Mexico above the fence.

The scoreboard sits above the center field wall at Copper King Stadium.