Belluna Dome

Park Name: Belluna Dome

Tenants: Saitama Seibu Lions (Pacific League)

Opened: 1979

Address: 2135 Kami-Yamiguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama

Dimensions: 328' (L), 400' (C), 328' (R)

Former Names:

Seibu Lions Stadium (1979-1997)

Seibu Dome (1998-2004, 2008-2014)

Invoice Seibu Dome (2005-2006)

Goodwill Dome (2007)

Seibu Prince Dome (2015-2016)

MetLife Dome (2017-2021)

The view from behind home plate at Belluna Dome.

The view from down the first base line.

The grandstand at Belluna Dome, as seen from center field.

The pressbox and luxury club at the top of the seating bowl behind home plate.

A large section of padded premium seats sits underneath the pressbox, directly behind home plate.

A multi-level bar and club area extends the length each side of the grandstand, with an enclosed luxury suite at the top of the seating bowl.

Box seats sit behind the third base dugout at the Belluna Dome.

Bullpens and some field-level seating jut out into foul territory down the outfield lines.

Concrete berms make up the seating for the outfield cheering sections.

The seating bowl slopes up as it moves from the small seating sections in the outfield to the large grandstand behind home plate.

Concession stands run along the concourse atop the grandstand as it rises above the seating bowl.

The domed roof, with lights running around the rim. The stadium was originally completely open, the roof was not added to the park until 1998.

In a unique set-up, the dome is not fully attached to the main stadium, leaving a gap between them that lets fans view the trees around the park and feel as though they are outside.

Banners celebrating the Lions Japan Series championships ring the bottom of the dome roof.

The scoreboard in center field, with flags hanging from the roof above.

The Saitama Seibu Lions on the field during a Nippon Professional Baseball game at Belluna Dome.