Memorial Field

Park Name: Memorial Field at Simsbury Memorial Park

Tenants: Simsbury SaberCats (Connecticut Collegiate Baseball League)

Address: 22 Plank Hill Road, Simsbury, Connecticut 06070

Dimensions: 312' (L), 355' (C), ???' (R)

The view from behind the grandstand at Memorial Field.

The view from behind home plate.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Memorial Field, as seen from the right field corner of the park.

The press box sits atop the grandstand behind home plate. The aluminum bleachers in the stands are the only permanent seating in the park.

A stone water fountain sits behind the backstop at Memorial Field. Fans set up their own chairs on the grass behind the wide backstop fence.

Memorial Field is part of the larger athletic complex at Simsbury Memorial Park, and a softball field sits beside the ballpark on the third base side.

A large tree provides shade beyond the third base dugout.

Batting cages sit beside the field on the first base side of the park.

The left field fence is only 312 feet from home plate at the foul pole, but the wall quickly makes a dramatic corner and goes out to 347 feet, creating a unique curve. A skate park sits behind the wall.

A cemetery sits behind most of the outfield wall, so tall bushes run beyond the fence and the flag pole is on the field, in play in center field.

The scoreboard stands behind the right field fence.

The Simsbury SaberCats on the field during a game at Memorial Field.