Truist Park

Park Name: Truist Park

Tenants: Atlanta Braves (National League)

Opened: 2017

Address: 755 Battery Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Dimensions: 335' (L), 400' (C), 325' (R)

Former Names:

SunTrust Park (2017-2019)

The view from behind home plate at Truist Park.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Truist Park, as seen from center field.

The main seating bowl features four decks.

The pressbox sits on the third level behind home plate.

Seating on the lower level behind home plate is made up of large, heavily padded chairs.

The first level seating is split into two by a concrete walkway.

Seats below the walkway are made of breathable mesh, allowing fans to cool down on hot Atlanta days.

The Chop House restaurant in the right field corner features table seating above the outfield wall, a second level with a bar, and field-level seating behind the right field fence.

The right field corner also features an enclosed third deck group area and a rooftop bar.

The right field roof features sofas and television sets as well as drink rail seating.

The rooftop is meant to serve as a group area and provides plenty of distractions for fans who might not just want to watch the ballgame.

The left field corner at Truist Park features a second deck restaurant and and Braves retired numbers on the third level facade.

Outfield "bleacher" seating sits behind the left field wall.

The Home Depot Treehouse loft sits above the left field bleachers.

The Braves large ceremonial drum sits above the center field batter's eye.

The buildings in right field at Truist Park open up to a huge courtyard behind the ballpark that features a brewery, a TV studio, and plenty of room for fans to congregate before games.

The courtyard is part of a development known as The Battery Atlanta, featuring office buildings, hotels and restaurants. The area is meant to be a self-sustaining neighborhood on a day-to-day basis that transforms into part of the ballpark on game days.

While the back gates feature an ultra-modern ballpark village, the front of the ballpark are a classic brick structure.

The outfield concourse features carnival games, a climbing wall and a zip line inside the ballpark.

A mural on the upper concourse celebrates all the ballparks the Braves have called home in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

The main concourse at Truist Park, open to the field of play.

The Braves Heritage Plaza on the concourse behind home plate celebrates the franchise history, including World Series titles and star players.

A fountain and a large Henry Aaron statue highlight the Heritage Plaza.

The ballpark roof is lit from underneath by LED lights that change color to correspond to game events.

LED lights run horizontally along the roof of the main grandstand.

Tall outfield light towers feature flags celebrating the Braves many World Series, Pennants and Division titles.

The batter's eye in center field features trees, rocks, and fountains that shoot into the air when the Braves score.

The outfield wall features several sharp corners and is much taller in right field than in left.

The huge video scoreboard sits behind the center field fence.

The Atlanta Braves on the field during a game at Truist Park.