Demske Sports Complex

Park Name: The Reverend James M. Demske, S.J.  Sports Complex

Tenants: Canisius University Golden Griffins (NCAA Division I- Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference)

Opened: 1989

Address: 1829 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14208

Dimensions: 328' (L), 350' (C), 328' (R)

Former Tenants:

Canisius College Golden Griffins (NCAA Division I) 1989-2023

The view from behind home plate at Demske Sports Complex. The field is entirely artificial turf, with blue areas around the mound and bases.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The baseball stands at Demske Sports Complex. The complex is a multi-sport facility and baseball is the only setup without permanent stands. Mobile aluminum bleachers run down the third base line, with picnic tables behind them.

Smaller sets of bleachers sit in the shade behind home plate.

The press box sits atop the soccer stands that run down the right field line.

A covered picnic area sits behind the home plate stands. The complex sits on a downtown Buffalo block and residential houses are right behind the first base side of the park.

Students sit along sidewalk that runs down the left field line.

The Koessler Athletic Center, the school's arena, sits adjacent to the field, sharing the same parking lot.

A concession stand, attached to the arena, stands behind the third base stands.

The above-ground baseball dugouts at Demske Sports Complex.

The complex hosts baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse for Canisius. The turf features lines for all of the sports and a modular fence stretches across the soccer field to act as the right field wall for baseball.

The softball stands sit in what is the left field corner of the baseball field.

The baseball scoreboard sits above the left field fence. The softball dugout is blocked off and acts as a taller part of the fence.

The outfield wall features a sharp corner that juts in toward the field in center where it has to move around an existing building before the shorter modular fence. Campus buildings and the softball and soccer scoreboards stand behind the wall. The softball scoreboard acts an auxiliary scoreboard during baseball games.

The Canisius University Golden Griffins on the field during a baseball game at the Demske Sports Complex.