Holman Stadium

Park Name: Holman Stadium

Tenants: SSG Landers (KBO Spring Training)

Opened: 1953

Address: 3901 26th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960

Dimensions: 340' (L), 400' (C), 340' (R)

Former Tenants:

Brooklyn Dodgers (Grapefruit League) 1953-1957

Los Angeles Dodgers (Grapefruit League) 1958-2008

Vero Beach Dodgers (Florida State League) 1980-2006

Samsung Lions (KBO Spring Training) 1985, 1992-1993, 1995, 1997

Vero Beach Devil Rays (Florida State League) 2007-2008

SK Wyverns (KBO Spring Training) 2012-2020

Jackie Robinson Celebration Game (Florida State League) 2014-2019

The view from outside Holman Stadium. The stadium is located at "Dodgertown" the former US Naval Air Base that was converted into the Dodgers Spring Training complex in Vero Beach.

The view from behind home plate at Holman Stadium.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line looking out to the old Dodger clubhouse behind the right field fence.

The grandstand at Holman Stadium as seen from the left field corner.

The open-air pressbox at Holman Stadium, situated in the middle of the seating bowl.

The view from inside the Holman Stadium pressbox.

The colorful seating in the seating bowl.

Some of the seats in the Holman Stadium grandstand still have stickers on them for Season Ticket holders of the Vero Beach Devil Rays, the Florida State League team that moved out in 2008.

Trees grow up out of the grandstand, providing shade for the otherwise open seating bowl.

The upper concourse features sectioned off handicap seating areas and a shrub wall.

The grassy hill behind the outfield fence was once the only outfield wall at the stadium. Now it sits as part of the berm behind the modern chain link fence.

The walkway around the perimeter of the Holman Stadium grounds was once home to the Dodger Hall of Fame Walk.

The practice fields at Dodgertown, as seen from inside Holman Stadium.

Baseball themed light posts run along the outer concourse.

Plaques on the concourse celebrate the dedication of the stadium, as well as the first professional game between US and South Korean teams, held here between the Dodgers and the Samsung Lions here in 1985.

The dugouts at Holman Stadium may be the park's most iconic feature. Little more than holes dug out in the ground, Dodger players on the benches in the open-air dugouts were just feet from the fans in the stands.

The visitors bullpen in the right field corner. The palm trees on the berm were once in play, until Dodger outfielder Dick Allen ran into one during Spring Training in 1971. After that the team installed a more traditional outfield fence in front of the hill.

The home bullpen, in foul territory down the third base line.

The park features a huge amount of foul territory between home plate and the backstop.

The scoreboard and outfield wall. The fence makes a sharp turn on either side of the batter's eye in center field.

The Brevard County Manatees and Lakeland Flying Tigers on the field at Holman Stadium during the first ever Jackie Robinson Celebration Game in April of 2014, the first professional game played at the park since the Dodgers and the Florida State League moved out in 2008.