Mitchell Field

Park Name: Mitchell Field

Tenants: Swift Current 57's (Western Canadian Baseball League)

Address: 19th Avenue East, Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 5A8

Dimensions: 325' (L), 400' (C), 325' (R)

Former Tenants:

Swift Current Indians (Independent) 1950-1958

Swift Current Indians (Southern Baseball League) 1959-1974

Swift Current Indians (Saskatchewan Major Baseball League) 1975

Swift Current Indians (Saskatchewan Major Baseball League) 1986-2000

Swift Current Indians (Western Major Baseball League) 2001-2016

Swift Current 57's (Western Major Baseball League) 2017

The view from behind home plate at Mitchell Field.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Mitchell Field, as seen from the right field corner of the park.

The grandstand is made up of 3 seperate sections of seating. The press box sits atop the home plate stands.

A large set of wooden bleachers runs down the first base line, with plastic molded seats attached to the bleachers.

A smaller set of bleachers sits on the third base side.

Small shacks between the bleacher sections house a bar and a merchandise stand.

Another small set of bleachers runs down the left field line.

The 57's clubhouse is located in the left field corner of the park and features a rooftop patio for fans.

Field-level deck suites wrap around the left field corner and the home bullpen.

The above ground dugouts and a concession stand on the first base side of the park.

The wide netting behind the plate at Mitchell Field. The park doesn't feature a backstop but has a large area of foul territory behind home plate.

Mitchell Field is part of a larger complex of athletic fields in Swift Current and youth fields sit right next to the ballpark.

The outfield fence and retractable batter's eye in center field.

The ballpark is located in a residential neighborhood so a tall fence stands behind the right field wall to protect the houses right behind it.

The scoreboard stands behind the left center field fence.

The Swift Current 57's on the field during a game at Mitchell Field.