Condron Ballpark

Park Name: Condron Family Ballpark at Alfed A. McKethan Field

Tenants: University of Florida Gators (NCAA Division I- Southeast Conference)

Opened: 2021

Address: 2800 Citrus Road, Gainesville, Florida 32611

Dimensions: 330' (L), 400' (C), 330' (R)

Former Names: 

Florida Ballpark (2021-2022)

The view from behind home plate at Condron Family Ballpark.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Condron Ballpark, as seen from center field.

The press box sits on the second deck, set slightly off to the first base side of the stands.

A seating section on the concourse behind home plate is reserved exclusively for MLB Scouts.

A sun shade covers the seating down the right field line from the Florida sunshine.

The concourse at Condron Ballpark. Murals on the walls celebrate the team's accomplishments and players who have made the major leagues.

A plaque on the concourse celebrates the Gators' former home of McKethan Stadium .

The 2017 NCAA National Championship trophy is on display on the concourse at Condron Ballpark.

Indoor batting cages and conference rooms run along the right field concourse.

Adirondack Chairs in UF colors sit in the shade of palm trees in the Dizney Grove behind the chainlink fence in center field. 

The Dizney Grove features a Gators selfie spot and a sunscreen dispenser.

Food trucks and picnic tables in the center field grove.

A covered bar sits on the backside of the batter's eye in center field.

Berm seating and drink rails wrap around the outfield corners.

A youth-sized turf field sits behind the right field concourse at Condron Ballpark.

Fans on the outfield concourse can look through the chain link fences into the bullpens.

Foul territory tapers off as it moves toward the corners. The warning track is dirt in fair territory and turf in foul ground.

The corners and angles of the outfield wall.

The scoreboard stands behind the right field fence.

The University of Florida Gators on the field during a game at Condron Family Ballpark.