Terry Park

Park Name: Park T. Pigott Memorial Stadium at Terry Park

Tenants: Empire League Fall Instructional League

Opened: 1925

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1955, 2004

Address: 3410 Palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33916

Dimensions: 352' (L), 412' (C), 352' (R)

Former Tenants:

Philadelphia Athletics (Grapefruit League) 1925-1936

Fort Myers Palms (Florida State League) 1926

Cleveland Indians (Grapefruit League) 1941-1942

Pittsburgh Pirates (Grapefruit League) 1955-1968

Kansas City Royals (Grapefruit League) 1969-1987

Fort Myers Royals (Florida State League) 1978-1987

Fort Myers Sun Sox (Senior Professional Baseball Association) 1989-1990

Minnesota Twins (Minor League Spring Training) 1990

KIA Tigers (KBO Spring Training) 2020

Flags fly over the gates of Terry Park, celebrating the teams that have trained at the complex.

The view from behind the grandstand. A concession stand is located behind the seating bowl.

The view from behind home plate at Terry Park.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Park T. Pigott Memorial Stadium at Terry Park.

A roof covers most of the seating bowl.

Most of the seating is on aluminum bleachers on wooden stands.

A press table sits along the walkway above the box seats behind home plate.

The dugouts sit at field level beside the grandstand at Terry Park.

Banners underneath the stands celebrate Hall of Famers who have played at the ballpark.

Park T. Pigott Stadium is part of a larger training complex, and practice fields surround the main stadium. The auxiliary fields are named for legendary players like Roberto Clemente who played at the complex.

Plaques beside the practice fields celebrate the players the fields are named for.

The large, deep outfield wall comes to a point in center field.

A small simple scoreboard stands above the left field fence.

The KIA Tigers on the field during a spring training game at Terry Park.