Citizens Ballpark

Park Name: Lyon Mountain Citizens Ballpark

In Use: 1936-2022

Address: 23 Ballpark Road, Lyon Mountain, New York 12952

Dimensions: 330' (L), 417' (C), 330' (R)

Former Tenants:

Lyon Mountain Miners (Northern League) 1936

Plattsburgh Thunderbirds (Empire League) 2021

Japan Islanders (Empire League) 2022

The view from behind home plate at Lyon Mountain Citizens Ballpark.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Citizens Ballpark, as seen from the left field corner of the park.

The "pressbox" is just a table at the top of the stands. The park's only scoreboard is a small hand-written one on the wall behind the press table.

Wooden bleachers make up the seating in the grandstand behind home plate.

Plywood risers sit on either end of the grandstand, with no permanent seating in those areas.

The classic grandstand, otherwise entirely wooden, features a corrugated tin roof.

Two small sets of wooden bleachers sit down the third base line.

A smaller aluminum bleacher, covered pavilion, and small clubhouse sit on the first base side.

A small cinderblock dugout, in the shadow of the Adirondack mountains.

Bullpens sit in foul territory at Citizens Ballpark.

The park features a wide area of foul territory behind home plate, with a slight slope between the plate and the backstop.

The outfield fence comes to a sharp point in center field, a deep 417 feet from home plate.

The Plattsburgh Thunderbirds on the field during a game at Lyon Mountain Citizens Ballpark.