Holman Stadium

Park Name:
Holman Stadium
Tenants: Nashua Silver Knights (Futures Collegiate Baseball League)

Opened: 1937
Address: 67 Amherst St, Nashua, New Hampshire 03604
Dimensions: 307' (L), 401' (C), 315' (R)

Former Tenants:
Nashua Dodgers (New England League) 1946-1949
Nashua Angels (Eastern League) 1983
Nashua Pirates (Eastern League) 1984-1986
Nashua Hawks (North Atlantic League) 1995-1996
Nashua Pride (Atlantic League) 1998-2005
Nashua Pride (Can-Am League) 2006-2008
American Defenders of New Hampshire (Can-Am League) 2009

Holman Stadium was built in 1937 and has been used on and off since then. Brick arches with iron gates lead from the concourse to the field.

The grandstand, pressbox and luxury suites at Holman Stadium.

The view from behind home plate at Holman Stadium.

Retired numbers on the outfield fence are for Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella. Campanella and Newcombe were the first black players to play for a pro team in the US, at Holman Stadium for the Nashua Dodgers.

The wall in left field is an extremely short brick wall, rather than the large billboard style wall that surrounds the rest of the outfield, and features landscaping behind the foul pole.

The park features a large amount of foul territory down the base lines.

The American Defenders of New Hampshire on the field at Holman Stadium.