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Bowman Field

Park Name: Historic Bowman Field
Tenants: Williamsport Crosscutters (MLB Draft League)

Opened: 1926
Address: 1700 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701
Dimensions: 345' (L), 405' (C), 350' (R)

Former Names: 
Susquehanna Bank Park at Historic Bowman Field (2013-2015)
BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field (2016-2020)

Former Tenants:
Williamsport Grays (NY-Penn League) 1926-1937
Williamsport Grays (Eastern League) 1938-1942, 1944-1946, 1950, 1954-1956, 1958-1962
Williamsport Tigers (Eastern League) 1947-1949, 1951-1952
Williamsport Athletics (Eastern League) 1953
Williamsport Mets (Eastern League) 1964-1967
Williamsport Astros (NY-Penn League) 1968-1970
Williamsport Red Sox (NY-Penn League) 1971-1972
Williamsport Tomahawks (Eastern League) 1976
Williamsport Bills (Eastern League) 1987-1991
Williamsport Cubs (NY-Penn League) 1994-1998
Williamsport Crosscutters (NY-Penn League) 1999-2019

Bowman Field, the second oldest park currently in use in the minor leagues, is part of the Pennsylvania Register of Historic Places.

The view from behind home plate at Bowman Field.

The view from down the first base line. The ballpark is located in a residential neighborhood, and houses sit just behind the outfield fence.

The view from down the third base line. The first Little League baseball game ever was played in the area just behind the outfield wall.

The Bowman Field grandstand as seen from the left field corner.

Despite many improvements over the years, the grandstand is still the classic set up. A covered grandstand with mostly bleacher seating, and literal boxed off boxed seats down in front.

The Bowman Field Hall of Fame on the wall of one of the walkways underneath the grandstand.

A large uncovered bleacher section down the right field line, and batting cages in the outfield corner.

One of the biggest improvements to the park in recent years, the picnic deck, sits along the left field line.

The picnic deck juts in and out of foul territory, creating some sharp angles in foul ground.

A look through the picnic deck foliage to the field and the hills beyond.

The outfield and scoreboard. One of the retired numbers to the left of the batter's eye is 59, for former Williamsport Bills' catcher Dave Bresnahan, famous for throwing a potato on the field instead of a baseball to try and fool an opposing runner.

The Williamsport Crosscutters on the field as the sun sets during a game at Historic Bowman Field. The field has also acted as the home field for barnstorming Negro League teams.