Croker Memorial Field

Park Name: The John M. Croker Memorial Field

Tenants: Greater Northeast Collegiate Baseball League (Rotating Teams)

Address: 74 Woodville Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105

Dimensions: 301' (L), 349' (C), 385' (R)

The view from behind home plate at Croker Memorial Field.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The stands at Croker Memorial Field, as seen from the third base side of the park.

Seating is on a small set of aluminum bleachers behind the large backstop.

The only other seating at the park is an even smaller set of bleachers next to the third base dugout. Fans also bring their own chairs to set up beside the fence.

Batting cages sit behind the field on the third base side of the park. The baseball field is at the bottom of a hill in the Falmouth High School athletic complex, with the school's football field above it.

The view of John M. Croker Memorial Field from the football field at the top of the hill. The field features a wide area of foul territory.

The bullpens sit in foul territory in the outfield corners. The outfield slops slightly downward in the right field corner.

The scoreboard and flag pole sit behind the left field wall.

Croker Memorial Field is built to also fit a soccer-sized field in the outfield, so to accomodate that the outfield fence takes a dramatic turn after the scoreboard, creating a deep, sharp corner in left-center field.

The strange outfield dimensions also include a semi-circular bump out in the wall in center field where bleachers can sit beside the playing field in the soccer-style set up.

The Anglers and Norsemen on the field during a Greater Northeast Baseball League game at the John M. Croker Memorial Field.