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Riverfront Stadium

Park Name: Riverfront Stadium
Tenants: Wichita Wind Surge (Double-A Central)

Opened: 2021
Address: 275 South McLean Boulevard, Wichita, Kansas 67213
Dimensions: 340' (L), 400' (C), 325' (R)

The view from behind home plate at Riverfront Stadium.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

Riverfront Stadium as seen from across the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita.

The grandstand, as seen from center field.

The press box behind home plate. A plaque on the front celebrates former owner Lou Schwechheimer who brought the team to Wichita.

Four-top table seating runs along the top of the seating bowl.

Adirondack Chairs on a turf seating box act as the “Best Seats in the House” at the top of the grandstand.

Luxury suites and a large party porch sit on the second deck on the third base side of the park.

Riverfront Stadium features extra wide concourses.

The concourse opens up behind home plate into a food court, featuring Wichita-based Freddy’s Steakburgers.

A steel mural of the Wichita skyline sits above the view of the city’s actual skyline in the food court.

More art lines the fences outside the stadium.

An open-air bar and several rows of drink rails overlook the field from the right field corner.

A children’s play area sits behind the batter’s eye in center field.

The team store sits beside the center field gate, with group seating running above both.

Bullpens are set into the outfield berm.

The outfield fence changes height and angles several times as it wraps around the field of play.

The view of downtown Wichita from the stands. The park stands nearly on the site of the city’s former Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

The large scoreboard stands behind the left field wall.

The Wichita Wind Surge on the field during a game at Riverfront Stadium.