Shuttleworth Park

Park Name: Rao Family Stadium at Herbert L. Shuttleworth II Park
Tenants: Amsterdam Mohawks (Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League)

Opened: 1914
Grandstand Rebuilt: 1942, 2008
Address: 65 Crescent Avenue, Amsterdam, New York 12010
Dimensions: 279' (L), 406' (C), 309' (R)

Former Names: 
Crescent Park (1914-1937)
Mohawk Mills Park (1938-1951)

Former Tenants: 
Amsterdam Rugmakers (Canadian-American League) 1938-1942
Amsterdam Rugmakers (Canadian-American League) 1946-1951
Amsterdam Mohawks (New York Collegiate Baseball League) 2003-2010

The view from behind home plate at Shuttleworth Park.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Shuttleworth Park, as seen from the right field corner of the field.

The press box sits perched on the grandstand roof.

The main seating bowl, inside the covered grandstand.

Most of the grandstand seating is on small plastic seats on wooden risers.

Three rows of more traditional stadium seats, moved from the old Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia, make up the box seating behind the backstop, while plain wooden risers sit at the ends of the grandstand.

A pair of seats from Fenway Park sit in the stands at Shuttleworth Park.

A small luxury box sits atop a concession stand inside the grandstand.

A picnic deck sits on top of the visitor’s clubhouse on the third base side of the seating bowl.

A large party deck runs down the first base line, with wooden bleachers built into the front.

A few rows of seats run down the right field line at Rao Family Stadium.

Picnic tables sit near the bullpen in the right field corner, and a wooden sky deck overlooks the right field fence.

A children’s play area and a small enclosed arcade sits right field wall.

The main concourse and concession stands, running behind the first base party deck.

The outer concourse at Shuttleworth Park features a stadium dedication plaque from when the park was owned by the local mill, as well as banners celebrating former Mohawks who have made it to the major leagues.

A small grove of pine trees sits beside the home bullpen down the left field line.

The outfield dimensions are much closer in the corners than in center field, leading to the fence becoming much taller as it move toward the foul poles.

The scoreboard stands behind the right field wall.

The Amsterdam Mohawks on the field during a game at Shuttleworth Park.