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LIU Field

Park Name: Long Island University Field
Tenants: Long Island University Brooklyn Blackbirds (NCAA Division I- Northeast Conference)

Address: 161 Ashland Place, Brooklyn, New York 11201

The view from behind home plate at Long Island University Field.

The view from down the first base line. The field features a short left field due to it being shoe-horned into a New York city block so the left field wall is a very tall net.

The view from down the third base line, with the buildings of downtown Brooklyn behind the field.

The "grandstand" at LIU Field, as seen from center field. 

Due to space constraints the main seating for baseball at LIU Field is on a small set of bleachers perched high above the first base side of the field.

The seating is aluminum bleacher seating with molded plastic seats.

LIU Field is a multi-sport facility so all of the turf is artificial and lines for soccer and lacrosse run across the outfield.

There is also a softball field in the right field corner, and the elevated softball stands act as outfield seating for baseball games.

Additional seating is on a roll-away bleacher section that sits on the New York City sidewalk outside the fenced-in "Birdcage".

The small "pressbox" sits at field level underneath the seating area at LIU Field.

The dugout and pressbox are pressed up between the field and the sidewalk.

The baseball scoreboard is perched above the home bullpen on the side of a campus building that presses in on the first base side of the field.

The multi-sport scoreboard in left center field also displays the runs scored for the baseball games.

The Long Island University Brooklyn Blackbirds on the field during a game at Long Island University Field.