Duncan Field

Park Name: Duncan Field
Tenants: Hastings Sodbusters (Expedition League)

Opened: 1941
Grandstand Rebuilt: 2014
Address: 601 East South Street, Hastings, Nebraska 68901
Dimensions: 370' (L), 408' (C), 367' (R)

Former Names: 
Pershing Field (1941-1948)

Former Tenants:
Hastings Giants (Nebraska State League) 1956-1959

The view from behind home plate at Duncan Field.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Duncan Field, as seen from the right field corner of the park.

The press box sits at the top of the seating bowl behind home plate.

Most of the seating is on blue plastic stadium seats, with aluminum bleachers at either end of the grandstand.

Picnic tables sit along the top of the seating bowl.

An open picnic area and concession stand sit in the right field corner of Duncan Field.

A covered children’s play area sits beside the right field corner of the park.

Plaques on the concourse celebrate Hastings residents who helped fund the stadium’s renovation.

The wide, squared-off backstop.

Hastings Field features an artificial turf infield and a natural grass outfield.

The park is used for more than just baseball, so a temporary fence runs down the left field line and a football scoreboard sits in foul territory.

The outfield fence is the park’s original brick wall, and the flag pole sits in play in deep center field.

The scoreboard sits in front of the outfield wall in right field.

A train passes by the left field side of the park during a game.

The Hastings Sodbusters on the field during a game at Duncan Field.